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At Lily Rose Care Coordination, any of our direct-servicing wellness coordinators including our PNCC coordinators have at least two years of college education or have worked with pregnant women, families, or in social work related fields. They are familiar with individual service planning as well as family planning. 

Our team is required to provide quality services that are family-centered and culturally appropriate. Our value is to ensure our team is continually trained (quarterly) in order to remain updated on program changes, on public policies, and procedures of PNCC as well as Child Care Coordination (CCC).

Our team in general, services with professional initiatives to advocate for, provide outreach, and extend compassion towards our service community and towards a greater mission of positively impacting maternal and infant health outcomes. 

We have the capacity to service in English and Hmong languages, with professional partners who will be able to support us with other languages spoken in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

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